Computer generated chairs

ChopChopChair questions the future role of designers by allowing users to create unique variations of computer generated chairs. The project began with a request to design a chair out of two simple wooden boards. We were intrigued by a thought experiment: could a system do this job for us? We wrote a script that utilises basic shapes to compile compositions on the wooden boards. The script generates endless variations to allow for new and unconventional designs. With the rise of creative systems, the traditional role of the designer could shift towards that of a curator. The systems creates, the designer selects.

During the Dutch Design Week of 2019, ChopChopChair was exhibited. Visitors could generate a chair with a simple action, as many times as they wanted. Upon a users request, a digital chair could be made into a physical product by sending the blueprints to a CNC machine. Every generated chair was one of a kind and therefore a unique design object. Visitors were the ones to give value and meaning to the outcomes of the script.


  • Dutch Design Week 2019


  • Concept & Development – Studio Krom
  • Concept & Development – WelGeen
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