Articulate enables visitors to share their thoughts, just by speaking their minds. It invites them to step forward and share with a broad audience in the physical world.



  • DOCfeed 2019
  • Night of the Nerds 2019


  • Interactive Installation


  • 2019

People have become used to sharing messages over the internet. The digital world, where it’s easy to let your voice be heard. Consequently, real life interactions with others have become rarer. Everyone seems comfortable in the digital bubble, whilst often ignoring others in their direct environment. This is an attempt to change that. We built an installation that enables users to share their thoughts and ideas in the physical world.

Articulate collects messages from visitors and places them in the environment. In essence, it reflects the moods, thoughts and opinions of anyone who wants to share.

This installation is available for licensing and exhibitions. Contact us.


Temporary Art Centre / studio 149
Vonderweg 1
5611 BK Eindhoven
The Netherlands