Studio Krom envisions new concepts in design, art and technology. Independent of platform and form, we explore by analysing, experimenting and prototyping.

Our services

  • Research and development — Exploring new concepts and technologies.
  • Experience design — Creating on- and offline experiences from idea to realisation.
  • Web design and development — Experimental and innovative websites.
  • Consultancy — Technical and or artistic consult.


Krom was founded in 2018 by Joris van Oers and Cas Slaats to work on ideas regarding interactive design. Being inherently curious, we like to work on projects of an explorative nature. Independent of platform and form, we create work that exists in both the physical- and digital world.

By analysing, experimenting and prototyping, we explore ideas and concepts in design art and technology. The freedom to experiment is essential to us, as we believe that in order to shape the future we have to explore potential scenarios.

We aim to create work that is unexpected, thought provoking and is able to evolve. Our past work consists of interactive installations, web projects, (online) experiments, brand identities, prototypes for research and much more. In case you’re interested in working with us; we are always happy to talk about the possibilities.

Selected clients

  • Nemo Science Museum
  • Cinekid Media Festival
  • STRP
  • Fontys Universities of Applied Science
  • Professional Doctorate Arts
  • Natuurmuseum Brabant
  • Nationaal Reddingsmuseum
  • De Museumfabriek
  • Nationaal Gevangenismuseum
  • Centraal Museum Utrecht
  • Domein voor kunstkritiek
  • Caradt