The Marvelous Container

Questioning the image of our physical self

The Marvelous Container explores the correlation between the way we perceive ourselves and the tools we use to capture and present ourselves. The installation is a landscape of physical features. It changes when visitors step in front of the scanner; a tall object that guides its users with visual and audio cues. When a user is in position, multiple recordings are made, whereafter the landscape transforms to one that is made out of all of these new features. No modifications or filters are applied. Visitors can explore the unfamiliar portrayals of themselves and others by walking through the installation.

As our interactions with others increasingly take place in the digital space, the urge to capture and present our physical self in a digital format intensifies. More than ever, we create photos and videos to show others who we are. We are dependant on technology to create these images, but they don’t necessarily show us reality. The outcomes are often distorted, modified or lacking in variety. We identify ourselves with the one-sided and warped perspective of the selfie and it has become commonplace to use various image enhancements that are embedded in social media that seem to annihilate imperfections. As a response to this, The Marvelous Container is an ongoing research where new tools are invented that try to broaden the way in which we can look at our physical selves.


  • TAC - What a time to be alive 2020


  • Concept & Production – Studio Krom
  • Development – Studio Krom
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