The Creative Equal

A research on autonomous creative systems

A research on autonomous creative systems. The system observes its environment using computer vision and audio analysis. Based on these impressions it makes decisions in its process. The outcome: an installation that outputs a diverse collection of visual work. During the Dutch Design Week it was active for nine days straight. This resulted in a serie of unique works, every one of them an abstract capture of a moment.


Everyone has an idea about what creativity is, but it is quite a fuzzy concept when you think about it. People are often quick to declare it as a solely human trait. That would mean that other animals and non-organic entities are not qualified to be creative. Is that view not a result of our own ego? What are these unique abilities that enable us to be creative? Are we not all acting out of our experiences and observations when we are painting, writing, composing or designing?


  • Interactive Installation
  • Research


  • Dutch Design Week


  • 2019

    Special thanks to

  • Martijn Ruissen
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