Fruit Interface

Play button, pause button. We all know the drill. Is the experience of putting a needle on a vinyl not 10 times better than pressing play on your phone? What happened to the physical interface? It became obsolete, but the experience it gave never followed along with new technology. We’ve decided to tackle this problem with a new interface for Spotify.


We had invited friends over for the opening of our new office space. A party needs music and we thought we would let the guests decide what was playing through a physical interface. This first prototype was mostly intended to be fun, but there’s a more serious note underneath the surface.

Technology has done a lot of good. It rapidly changed our society and way of living over the last decades. Most of the change is widely considered to be good (and we agree!). We have all been happily reaping the rewards of these inventions. It’s easy to forget that we have gotten rid of some things that were actually really enjoyable. We want to try to maintain our current conveniences, but also bring back some of the good things we have lost sight of.


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